Pulse Wave Device

Taking vital signs to gauge your mental state

Yukai Engineering developed the prototype of a “mental health watch” that monitors a user’s state of mind by measuring the pulse with the use of a high sensitivity magnetic sensor.
Comprised of a round case and wrist bands, the device resembles a conventional watch in shape.


The smooth surface of the case serves as the clock face. There are no hands or numbers on the clock face. Instead, areas corresponding with numbers on a conventional analog clock face light up to indicate time. This display surface is also used to show how relaxed or tense a user is feeling.
The device uses magnets to measure a user’s pulse. The magnets double as the wrist band fastener for the simplistic design.


The “mental health watch” is a project of RADIX, Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based IoT venture that originated in Tohoku University. Yukai Engineering was in charge of the case and electrical design and engineering.




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