IoT for Harmonious Living
with Robots


Robots as Communication Interface

We believe communication robots will replace smartphones as the most popular form of user interface in the near future. Now that we live in a more “connected” society, it is becoming easier to make robots talk to various sensors and computers in our living spaces to understand user behaviors and support the users. We believe this will transform the ways people live. We will no longer need to manipulate our smartphones with our fingers to instruct machines to do something. Robots will automatically know what tasks to perform and get them done. Robots will become such an integral part of our life that we may not even think about what they are doing.

A tailed cushion that heals your heart.

This is a communication robot connects family with family.


Small-lot start product series

Let's make your own critter robot !

Add a cocoro (= heart) to your robot

VUI developer kit

Robot teaching material kit which toothbrush runs trembling.

A physical computing toolkit for smartphones and tablets.

Brainwave Cat Ears

Social Robots next to your Computer