Pepper’s Magic Remote

A remote-controlled magic wand compatible with Pepper

Yukai Engineering Inc (Shinjuku, Tokyo; CEO Shunsuke Aoki) made their first public announcement at Pepper Tech Festival 2014, held in Shinjuku on September 20 2014, that development is underway for “Pepper’s Magic Remote”, a home-control device designed specifically for Softbank Robotics Corp’s personal robot, “Pepper”.
In the Yukai Engineering booth at Pepper Tech Festival 2014, Pepper demonstrated how using Pepper’s Magic Remote to control various electronics can change the way we live by connecting the personal robot to various appliances around the home.

“Pepper’s Magic Remote” Overview

Pepper’s Magic Remote is a robot-wearable device optimized for Pepper’s use to control household electronics, such as air conditioners and televisions, via infrared transmission. By using this device, Pepper is able to utilize voice, image, and emotion recognition capabilities to control home appliances. Combining Pepper’s voice recognition and actions creates a natural new interface for controlling devices. For example, by recognizing a voice saying, “It’s hot”, Pepper can adjust the room temperature, and by recognizing a person’s face, Pepper can recommend a TV program that suits the individual. Pepper is able to control devices by speaking to them, as if by magic.
The core of the device is based on IRKit, a Wi-Fi-connected learning infrared remote, and is compatible with any current apps that use it.


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