Mini Bono-chan (BONO-06)

The dialogue robot in the “interactive coimagination method” for dementia prevention

The interactive coimagination method is aiming the older adults living alone to participate in the coimagination method, the group conversation support method, by talking to Mini Bono-chan instead of having conversations in a group.

The participant can make use of cognitive functions by having conversations based on photos of a specific theme, especially, making actions such as looking at the photos, listening to the stories, thinking about the questions to ask, and asking questions. 

Compared to Bono-chan (link to the Bono-chan’s page), this robot is made smaller by the reduced arms and body movements and thus can easily fit into the home environment.

S. Tokunaga, M. Otake-Matsuura (2020). Development of a dialogue robot Bono-06 for cognitive training of older adults. Gerontechnology, 19(0), 1-1

From a request of Riken, Yukai Engineering assisted in the design, hardware design/manufacturing and firmware design/production.


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