Next-generation toy kitchen set

Mamadigi is a next-generation play kitchen set designed to make cooking simulations as real as possible for children.
When a child cuts faux vegetables with a faux knife, for example, it creates realistic chopping noises. A pan also generates sizzling sounds when the food is being stir-fried in it. Users would see steam rise from a pot as they lift its lid, and could even smell the aroma of the food.
Communication modules and various sensors imbedded in the kitchen set as well as the elaborate faux food items allow Mamadigi to tap into children’s senses of sight, hearing and smell for deep learning about food, cooking and nutrition. It is a known fact that children often become interested in these subject matters while playing house. Mamadigi provides children with intriguing stories and quizzes involving foods and cooking methods that children can enjoy on tablet computers. The whole interactive and authentic “cooking experience” through Mamadigi sets it apart from conventional play kitchen sets.



Mamadigi was developed from an idea proposed in KDDI au Unlimited Future Laboratory 2016 hackathon with the theme of “Kids and Foods.” Yukai Engineering helped create the concept model.
Mamadigi (au Unlimited Future Laboratory)
Prototype Development Report


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