Karakuri Musical Band

Karakuri robots that play music

Karakuri Musical Band is a set of wooden windup musical band robots that Yukai Engineering developed in collaboration with Device Plus, a ROHM publication for engineers.
When you swing the conductor’s baton, the six robots that were spread across a table will quickly line up to form a group. They will then start making music together with each robot playing a specific scale assigned to it.



The robots are made of wood just like traditional karakuri dolls are and move awkwardly by design.
The device uses Lazurite Sub-GHz for the control mechanism, which allows the use of sub-GHz for communications between the button and multiple robots.

A quick guide to karakuri robot making (which includes 3D data, programming information and step-by-step assembly instructions) is available on Device Plus website. We encourage everyone to download the guide and try making the robots.

Yukai engineering was responsible for the design, development and production of the robots.


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