Bath Robot for Your Health Management

An IoT robot named “fuuron” (pronounced “foo-ron”), created by Hakuhodo Inc., helps you reap the optimal benefit from your bath by letting you know when to get out of the tub.



The device, which has a temperature sensor and timer installed in it, automatically comes on as the user floats it in the water. An LED light turns on when the water is above or below the temperature suitable for the user and blinks when it’s time for the user to get out of the tub.

The user can choose from various modes, which were designed under the guidance of Prof. Shinya Hayasaka of Tokyo City University, who is an authority in the study of bath science. For example, the “Skin Beauty” mode informs the user of the best water temperature and bathtime duration to prevent a loss of ceramides and other important skin components. Some modes, including “Skin Beauty,” “Pollen Allergy Relief” and “Diet” modes, provide information calibrated specifically to the person’s liking and health conditions.

In addition, fuuron offers monitoring features for senior users to prevent accidents. The device sends alerts to smartphones of the user’s family members when the device is left floating in the water too long. Users can also keep track of their bath-taking habits on their smartphones by managing the log that contains such data as the actual water temperatures and bathtime durations.

Yukai Engineering assisted Hakuhodo with designing and manufacturing of the prototype hardware as well as the app development.


Hakuhodo Inc.’s News Release:
Hakuhodo Develops “fuuron,” the IoT Bath Robot
Optimal Bath Conditions for Optimal Health



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