Creative Minds That Make
the World a Fun Place to Live


I consider robots as an “interface that can warm our hearts and inspire us into action.” In the world I envision, our everyday technology-infused environment will be intelligent enough to decode the meanings of our behaviors and turn the information into digital cues for devices to respond accordingly. This will make the interactions between humans and machines so natural and seamless that communicating with machines will feel like talking to humans or live animals. I consider robots as the embodiment of this “presence” that IoT networks can create. I believe robots will replace smartphone screens as the interface of choice for the next generation. It is our hope to develop the robots that will be recognized as the world’s standard interface.



Creating “Lifestyle Robots”


Yukai Engineering specializes in the development of robots that bring joy to life. While robots are playing increasingly bigger roles in manufacturing, disaster responses and other areas, Yukai is focused on building the consumer market for personal robots that can enhance the quality of daily life. It is our goal to see a robot in every household across Japan and elsewhere.



Daydreams and Fantasies Create Our Next-Generation Products


In the digital age to come, imagination will be the key to value creations. At Yukai, all staff members are encouraged to daydream and use their wildest imaginings to come up with novel visions. In fact, our line of innovative products came from internal proposals based on the fantastical musings of our staff.


Shunsuke Aoki