Qoobo, Tail-Wagging Pillow, Now Available at Nail Quick Stores in Greater Tokyo Area

2019/2/25 News

TOKYO (Feb. 28, 2019) – Yukai Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotics startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life, has announced its tail-wagging pet robot, Qoobo, is now available for test usage and purchases at Nail Quick ’s salons at 10 locations across the Greater Tokyo area. Salon visitors will be able to play with Qoobo while receiving nail and foot care services, or purchase one if so they wish.

Qoobo is an interactive pillow with a tail that makes realistic affectionate movements in response to the user’s stroking and touch. It is designed to provide a sense of comfort in the way animals do to those who cannot own pets, including allergy sufferers and apartment dwellers. Nail Quick is a Japanese nail salon chain with stores located across the country. Nail Quick provides a full lineup of nail care services, including manicure, pedicure and nail art.

“We are very excited about introducing Qoobo to Quick Nail salon customers. We hope the combination of hand and foot care and Qoobo will provide total body-and-soul relaxation for the patrons,” Yukai Engineering CEO Shunsuke Aoki said.

As of February 2019, Nail Quick stores located in the following areas carry Qoobo:

Atré Meguro, Yaesu Chika Shopping Mall, Atré Sugamo, Atré Kameido, Kamata, Melsa Jiyugaoka, Yokohama Joinus, Konandai Birds, Hanatsugi MYLORD, and Oasis Perrier Chiba. Qoobo may become available at more stores in the future.