New Voice-to-Text Feature for BOCCO! You can now “read” the voice messages received

2016/5/25 News

Yukai Engineering, Inc., has announced a new “voice-to-text” feature called KOÉ-MOJI MAIL for BOCCO. Starting on May 25, BOCCO app for iOS will automatically convert voice messages to text.


Voice Message in the Text Format
When you record a voice message on BOCCO and send it to a smartphone user, the person on the receiving end will be able to both “hear” and “read” your message.


Your Family Memories at a Glance
KOÉ-MOJI MAIL shows the contents of voice messages in text, making it easier for you to review old messages and remember what they were about without replaying each of them.

Message log as a “Voice Album”
We all know children grow fast. “I was replaying old voice messages from my child and realized how his voice has changed and how much he’s grown just in the past few months,” a BOCCO user said. We often receive similar feedback from our customers.
With KOÉ-MOJI MAIL, you can use the message log as a “voice album.”