New BOCCO Lock Sensor Can Keep You Worry-Free

2016/9/29 News

Lock Sensor and Vibration Sensor will become available for purchase on Oct. 4.
Yukai is scheduled to unveil new Lock Sensor and Vibration Sensor for BOCCO at CEATEC JAPAN 2016 on Oct. 4. The sensors will become available for purchase on the same day.
The new sensors enhance home monitoring features of BOCCO, a communication robot that helps loved ones stay in touch and care for each other.
Lock Sensor allows users to find out whether their door/window is locked via the BOCCO mobile app and receive notification when the door/window is locked/unlocked.
Vibration Sensor detects vibrations of a door or anything to which the sensor is attached and sends notification.
In celebration of the release of these new sensors, Yukai is conducting a Lock Sensor Giveaway Campaign in which anyone can enter for a chance to win a sensor and become a “monitor user” to report their experience of using the product.



<CEATEC JAPAN 2016 Exhibit>


At CEATEC JAPAN 2016, Yukai will introduce various features of BOCCO, including those that are currently under development, as well as new services being offered through third-party collaborations as the results of the release of the API. Here are some of what event-goers will see:

■SIM-card model of BOCCO (Release scheduled in 2017)
Wi-fi is no longer necessary to operate BOCCO. The new SIM-card model allows you to use BOCCO anywhere by connecting it to cellular networks (a cellular career contract necessary). The new model comes in handy for seniors who may not have Wi-fi connections at home.

■Home Delivery Notification (Release scheduled in 2017)
The service is available to tenants of condominiums and office buildings equipped with Fulltime Locker (Fulltime System, Co., Ltd.). When parcels are dropped off in their private locker boxes, BOCCO (or the BOCCO app) will send them notification.

■Smart Tag Notification
BOCCO notifies users when it detects a Qrio Smart Tag (Qrio, Inc.) in its proximity. Users may attach Smart Tags to a pet’s collar or a family member’s bag so they will know who are home, for example.


■“Hey, BOCCO” (tentative) as a Wakeup Word
Users can wake up BOCCO with a “trigger word” and give such commands as “Turn the lights on” and “Play the message” to have the tasks performed by BOCCO.