Hack BOCCO! Yukai Pilots the API Sharing Program

2016/9/1 News

On Sept. 1, 2016, Yukai Engineering will begin the BOCCO API Sharing Program on a pilot basis. The API will be shared with companies interested in developing new home monitoring and other smart-home features for BOCCO. The program is intended to expand the use of BOCCO platform and enhance user services through collaborations with third-parties.


<Web application site for BOCCO beta API>

<Providing API>
BOCCO Reads Out Information
From weather forecast to electricity usage information, you can “listen to” BOCCO to get whatever the information you would like. BOCCO can be connected to the internet and sensors to read out available information.

BOCCO converts voice to text
BOCCO can convert recorded voice messages to text. The technology allows users to voice-control home appliance through BOCCO. BOCCO is also capable of analyzing one’s state of mind from the tones and other features of his/her voice.

BOCCO serves as a sensor hub
BOCCO can be used as a sensor hub by pairing it with various sensors, including the existing BOCCO sensors (e.g. Door Sensor). Sensor activity can be used as a “trigger” to prompt BOCCO to send notification and/or talk to the user. For example, BOCCO can urge the user to do some exercise when seeing a certain pattern on an app that tracks one’s physical activity.