Tokyo’s Yukai Engineering to Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Global Release of ‘AMAGAMI HAM HAM,’ Stuffed Animal Robot that Nibbles on Your Finger

2022/10/21 News

On Oct. 18, the Tokyo-based robotics startup, Yukai Engineering, will launch its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to prepare for their global release of “AMAGAMI HAM HAM,” a stuffed animal robot that nibbles on your finger. Shipment is expected in December, just in time for the holidays. Designed to recreate the somewhat pleasing sensation that people get when human babies and pet animals softly bite on fingers inserted in their mouths, “AMAGAM HAM HAM” raised over 11 million Japanese yen (approx. $86K USD) in 45 days in crowdfunding earlier this year, followed by the domestic product release on July 27. The first 20,000 units are expected to sell out shortly.

Indiegogo Campaign for AMAGAMI HAMHAM

* The campaign will begin at 9 a.m. U.S. eastern time (EDT).
Oct. 18 – Nov. 16, 2022
Goal amount: $5,000 USD
Perks (backing) options: $55-$65 (plus shipping)
Delivery: December 2022
Shipping to: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Singapore and 9 other countries and regions

AMAGAMI HAM HAM is one of the latest works of Yukai Engineering, which is known for “creating robots that bring joy to life.” Complete with “HAMgorithm” that randomizes biting patterns, the robot became one of the most talked-about gadgets of CES 2022 (the world’s largest consumer electronics show held annually in Las Vegas) and has since received extensive media coverage globally. In response to the requests from consumers around the world to make the robot available in their countries, the Indiegogo perks will be shipped to 14 countries and regions, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore.

“For many people, the nibbling sensation brings back sweet memories of their newborns and pets. It also has a surprisingly calming effect,” said Yukai Engineering CMO Tsubasa Tominaga, who came up with the idea for the robot during the company’s internal hack-a-thon in 2021. “Most people like the sensation but know they need to teach their babies and pets to stop it to keep them from biting with full force eventually. AMAGAMI HAM HAM enables all of us to pursue this forbidden pleasure. This robot can fill the little void in people’s hearts. We hope to bring this novel form of comfort and happiness to people around the world through the Indiegogo campaign and the subsequent global product release.”

Press Kit:
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HAMgorithm (HAM HAM algorithm)
“AMAGAMI HAM HAM” is simple to use. Just insert your finger in the robot’s mouth, and it will begin nibbling. (In Japanese, “Amagami” and “ham” mean “soft biting” and “bite,” respectively.)
The company developed a special algorithm, “HAMgorithm,” which uses some parameters to select from two dozen “nibbling patterns” and create movements that keep users digitally entertained. Each pattern is created to evoke an image of a particular situation that might cause animals or babies to move their mouths, or the feelings that movement may provide to people who are nibbled. Pattern examples include, “Tasting HAM,” “Massaging HAM,” “Holding Tight HAM” and “Suction HAM,” among others. The robot adopts characters from Japan’s wildly popular “Nemu Nemu” stuffed animal series produced by Liv Heart Corporation.