Yukai Engineering’s CES Exhibit to Showcase Tabletop Robot, ‘BOCCO emo,’ as Nurse’s Assistant

2021/12/28 News

Yukai Engineering’s CES Exhibit to Showcase
Tabletop Robot, ‘BOCCO emo,’ as Nurse’s Assistant 

The communication robot now serves as a smart medical device hub in nursing homes and hospitals across Japan, taking residents’ vitals and providing interim care during nurse calls.

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 28, 2021) – At CES® Unveiled (Jan. 3), CES 2022 (Jan. 5-8) and ShowStoppers (Jan. 5), Yukai Engineering, a Tokyo-based robotics startup, will showcase its palm-sized robot, BOCCO emo’s new capabilities to serve as hospitals’ and nursing homes’ smart medical device and communication hub. The voice-reactive robot now can connect to medical IoT devices to take patients’ vitals (e.g., Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeters, thermometers, etc.), alert nurses about patients’ conditions, and “talk” to patients to keep them safe until nurses can come to their rooms. Following a successful hospital trial run, BOCCO emo is currently being used at hospitals across Japan to serve as nurses’ extra set of eyes and ears.

Originally developed as an “emotionally responsive” communication robot, BOCCO emo is capable of understanding the user’s speech and feelings and responding accordingly, using its own “emo language” consisting of special sound effects, facial expressions, and gestures. During the piloting at a hospital, the robot was also used to update patients’ families on their conditions. 

“BOCCO emo is a lovable robot that makes an ideal companion to attend patients in private rooms to keep them from being isolated,” Yukai Engineering CEO Shunsuke Aoki said. “With the robot’s new capability to connect to medical IoT devices, we envision BOCCO emo to become an integral part of medical and long-term care systems everywhere. We are excited to bring BOCCO emo to CES 2022 to show how it can work as a one-stop solution to make nurses’ jobs easier.” 

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During CES 2022, Yukai will also demonstrate several other products, including the prototype of “AMAGAMI HAM HAM,” a robot that nibbles on your finger when it’s inserted in its mouth, just as pets and human babies would. 

Yukai Engineering’s Exhibits
CES Unveiled (Mandalay Bay Level 2 Booth 321) — Jan. 3
J-Startup Pavilion (Venetian Expo 50727) — Jan. 5-8
ShowStoppers — Jan. 5

Products to be featured at CES 2022: 

1. BOCCO emo

The latest BOCCO emo is capable of understanding the user’s speech and feelings and responding accordingly. For example, it may quietly growl to voice its worry when the user remains inactive past their usual morning wakeup time. It may also shake its head or blush its cheeks in expressing bashfulness.

Medical uses
・Connects to a pulse oximeter and reads out measurements
・Connects to a body thermometer and reads out measurements
・Communicates with patients and nurses.
・Provides reminders such as appointment and medication reminders.

2. (NEW) “AMAGAMI HAM HAM”: A stuffed animal robot that softly nibbles on your finger when it’s inserted in its mouth. Intended to create a fleeting moment of happiness by reminding the users of their sweet memories of raising children or pets. 

3. Petit Qoobo/Qoobo is a robotic pillow with a lifelike tail that makes realistic moves in response to the user’s touch. It is designed to comfort people who cannot own a pet, including allergy sufferers, apartment-dwellers and busy professionals. Qoobo became one of the most talked-about gadgets on the internet after it was unveiled at CEATEC Japan 2017, netting more than 10 million online video views. The Kickstarter campaign for Qoobo raised 247 percent of the goal amount (approx. $110,000 USD). 

4. kurikit is an educational kit series featuring easy-to-handle components, such as switches, so young children can understand how robots are made. create-a-critter robot kit was developed for use in Japans’ public broadcasting organization, NHK’s “Elementary Kids RoboCon” held in March 2020. The kurikit series also includes cocorokit and click-brick block kit, which all reflect our wish to spark our children’s interest to make things with their own hands and from their original ideas. 


About Yukai Engineering
Yukai Engineering is a Tokyo-based robotics startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life. Yukai Engineering’s award-winning products include Necomimi, a headband with fake cat ears that move in sync with the user’s brain waves (selected for Time magazine’s “The World’s 50 Best Innovations 2011” list), and Qoobo, a tail-wagging therapeutic pillow. Its flagship communication robot, BOCCO, has been a big commercial success in Japan and is being used as an interface platform in family and senior remote-care service programs operated by some of Japan’s utility companies as well as senior living facilities. 


About CES
CES is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows that takes place annually in Las Vegas. CES 2021 made history by bringing together more than 2,000 companies, including 700 startups online – a scale of participation unheard of for all-digital events. CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022 while also holding digital exhibitions. At CES 2020 held prior to the new coronavirus pandemic, 4,600 companies showcased 20,000 new products and services.