Meet Qoobo in New Design Inspired by Disney Character, Marie the Cat.

2020/5/28 News

The tail-wagging therapy robot with the new look will become available for purchase in Japan on June 30, 2020

Qoobo has gone Disney! The new Marie the cat-inspired design is the first of Qoobo’s Disney series, and it will be released to the market on June 30. 

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Qoobo ディズニーシリーズ「マリー」

Qoobo is all about its tail, which wags differently depending on how you stroke it. What’s different about the new Marie the cat-inspired Qoobo is that it’s got the popular Disney character’s trademark pink bow on its white fluffy tail. 

Marie is a kitten character in Disney’s animated movie, “The Aristocat” (1970). The adorable character turns 50 this year since her screen debut. 

We hope this new product from our Disney Series will bring much joy and comfort to those who cannot live with living pets. 

This product is available for purchase in Japan only. To reserve your unit, please visit:


For more information, please visit:


Product overview

Product Name: Qoobo Disney Series (Marie) 
Price:16,000 Japanese yen(Before tax)
Charging time:Approximately 4 hours 
Battery hours:Approximately 8 ours (varies depending on usage) 
Size(Exterior measurements):Approximately 52cm × 32cm × 15cm
Weight:Approximately 1kg