Yukai Engineering, Tokyo Gas,  EcoNaviSta and Otobank Team Up to Promote Active Senior Lifestyles

2020/3/5 News

Yukai Engineering, Tokyo Gas, EcoNaviSta and Otobank Team Up to Promote Active Senior Lifestyles

TOKYO (March 5, 2020) —Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., EcoNaviSta, Otobank and Yukai Engineering, Inc. have announced they have entered into a business alliance agreement to collaboratively develop new services to promote active senior lifestyles. The four companies — which are some of Japan’s leading experts in energy, data, voice and audio content and robotics respectively — plan to bring together their technologies and knowledge to provide support services to seniors that are not only enjoyable to the users but also make it easier for families to remotely care for their aging parents.

The alliance is aimed toward making the world a better place to live by offering innovative solutions to a wide range of issues facing individuals and local communities in an aging society. The new series of services is expected to launch later in 2020.

Expertise to be Brought Together

Data analysis technologies based on medical science on fatigue
ᐧ Vital data from more than 1,800 clinical cases
ᐧ Expertise in big data analysis

Abundant quality audio contents
ᐧ Large stock of audio contents
ᐧ Established client base from audiobook.jp

Yukai Engineering
Exceptional capabilities in developing robotic technologies and designing robots
ᐧ Expertise with emotional robots
ᐧ Know-how in cost-effective development of high-quality IoT devices

Tokyo Gas
Broad customer base from its energy distribution business
Well-developed insights on residential space usage and sense of value attached to it

Four companies’ roles in their collaboration

Tokyo Gas (Tokyo area’s primary natural gas provider with 11.8 million customers)
Tokyo Gas will be in charge of developing projects for the alliance. It will provide the alliance with consumer data from their gas and electricity business, as well as their deep insights into how to create a comfortable and healthy living environment — the special knowledge derived from their close dealings with their energy customers.

EcoNaviSta (Tokyo-based developer of sensor fusion technology for automation of living and work spaces)
EcoNavista will help design services that can keep seniors healthy by taking advantage of the company’s experience in working with various senior care facilities (totalling more than 1,800 beds) and improving their operational efficiency. It will provide the alliance with sleep-related biometric and environmental data produced with the use of the company’s data analysis technology, which is based on the medical science of fatigue.

Otobank (Tokyo-based provider of voice content and audiobook platforms)
Otobank will provide audio content that sight-impaired seniors can enjoy, including a large volume of voice content from audiobook.jp, which has more than 1 million members.

Yukai Engineering (Tokyo-based robotic startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life)
Yukai Engineering will provide “emotionally expressive” interfaces (robots) to which users would feel attached, as well as cost-efficient, high-quality IoT devices.