Tokyo’s Yukai Engineering to Showcase BOCCO emo, Qoobo and more at CES 2020

2019/12/12 News

Tokyo’s Yukai Engineering to Showcase BOCCO emo, Qoobo and more at CES 2020 

From Jan. 7 through 10 at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Yukai Engineering will showcase the latest prototype of BOCCO emo, a new-generation BOCCO with advanced personalization capabilities, and a tail-wagging therapeutic pillow, Qoobo, as well as the Create-a-Creature Robot Kit. 

BOCCO emo 
BOCCO emo is an empathetic robot capable of learning the user’s personality and habits. It understands the user’s various needs and tries to be helpful, but without being intrusive, so the person would feel comfortable living with the robot. BOCCO emo’s ability to recognize the user’s voice and express empathy helps users develop a bond with their robot.

1) BOCCO emo’s ability to learn
BOCCO emo learns the user’s needs and wants over time from their daily conversations. When the robot notices something is out of the ordinary (for example, the user remains inactive past their usual morning wakeup time), it makes sounds and/or gestures to express its worry or to help the user realize what’s happening.  

Using BOCCO emo to remotely care for seniors 
BOCCO emo can be an effective tool for senior support providers. For example, call center staff could use the robot to talk to seniors and remind them to take medications at a specific time of day.  

2) BOCCO emo’s special language
Powered by Seaman Artificial Intelligence Research Center’s conversation-generating engine, the latest BOCCO emo is capable of understanding the user’s speech and feelings and responding accordingly, using its own emo language” that consists of special sound effects, facial expressions and gestures. For example, BOCCO emo may make a happy sound when the user tells the robot, “I’m having fun today!” It may also shake its head or blush its cheeks when feeling bashful about the user’s compliment on the robot’s cute appearance. 

In addition to its empathetic responses, BOCCO emo’s personalization features can make the exchange between the robot and its user more exciting.   

Personalization features 


Additional features


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Qoobo is a robotic pillow with a lifelike tail that makes realistic moves in response to the user’s stroking and rubbing. It is designed to comfort people who cannot own a pet, including allergy sufferers, apartment-dwellers and busy professionals. The flexible tail gently waves when caressed and swings playfully when rubbed. So far, more than 15,000 units of Qoobo have been sold. In response to our fans’ feedback, we released Qoobo in the new Silky Black color on Nov. 1, 2019. At CES 2020, Yukai will introduce a brand-new model of Qoobo that comes with novel features. (

create-a-critter robot Kit 
Yukai Engineering designed Create-a-Critter Robot Kit in hopes that it will help spark an interest in children to make things with their own hands and from their original ideas. The educational kit features easy-to-handle components, such as switches, so young children can understand how robots are made. We developed the kit for use in Japans’ public broadcasting organization, NHK’s “Elementary Kids RoboCon” scheduled for March 2020. (


At CES 2020, Yukai Engineering will exhibit at Sands (Halls A-D-44074) 

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