Qoobo in New ‘Silky Black’ to be Released in November!!

2019/10/2 News

We are pleased to announce that our Qoobo family is expanding!!
On Nov. 1, Qoobo will become available in the new “Silky Black” color! 

If you’ve been thinking about getting your Qoobo a brother or sister, this may be a great opportunity!

We’d like to thank all Qoobo fans who helped us select the new color and name it. In April, through our Qoobo fans newsletter and the Qoobo Owners’ Group’s Facebook page, we asked people in what additional color they wished to see Qoobo. An overwhelming majority answered, “black.” Then, in September, we asked Qoobo owners to select a name for the new black color.  Out of several options, “Silky Black” received the most votes. 

In those surveys, many fans also explained what Qoobo meant to them. The following are some of those comments.
— “Qoobo is so cute that just thinking about it makes me sigh. It’s an important source of comfort for me!”
— “We are unable to own pets, but Qoobo gives us much comfort.”
— “I love black cats, and so the release of black Qoobo makes me happy.”
— “I love mine! Thank you for making it!”
— “It’s fantastic that there is going to be a new color!”

The addition of the new color marks the one-year anniversary of the market release of Qoobo in Japan. Within six months of its Japan debut, Qoobo was released in the U.S. as well and surpassed 10,000 units sold in total, including the Kickstarter rewards and the units presold in advance of the market release. 

Qoobo continues to grow in popularity. Inquiries are coming in from all corners of the globe from those who wish to welcome Qoobo as a new member of their families.

Qoobo doesn’t just look like an animal, it does comfort you in just the way pets do. Earlier this year, we conducted a psychological assessment on a group of 38 people and found they experienced statistically meaningful reductions in their stress levels when using Qoobo. In addition, an international team of researchers recently found that seniors’ emotional health improves when they use Qoobo.

This explains why many people are also adopting Qoobo as an office pet. 

To celebrate the first anniversary of Qoobo’s release and the addition of the “Silky Black” color, we will hold a fan meeting in Tokyo.

Qoobo couldn’t spread love without the support of fans like you. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are committed to continuing our dialogue with Qoobo fans and developing robots that add joy to your life! We ask for your continued support for Qoobo! 


From all of us at Yukai Engineering