Let’s Meet at CEATEC 2019!!

2019/9/17 News

Let’s Meet at CEATEC 2019!!
From real estate to retail to senior care, we can work with businesses in all industries to develop solutions to society’s problems!

Yukai Engineering will return to Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Japan) from Oct. 15-18 for CEATEC 2019 to showcase our latest technology!! With the theme, “Creating wonders with the power of design and technology,” our exhibition this year will shine spotlights on the products and services that we collaboratively developed with various companies in a wide range of fields and industries. We hope this will provide all our prospective partners out there with insight as to how we could work with them to create solutions to society’s problems.

WHAT: Yukai Engineering Exhibition at CEATEC 2019
WHEN: Oct. 15-18, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
WHERE: Booth #G007, Hall 2, Device & Technology Area, Makuhari Messe

Education  Retail
Real Estate   Robotics   Senior Living
Creating wonders with the power of design and technology

At Yukai, we don’t just create products; we work to build a “Yukai-na” (“enjoyable” in Japanese) future through our innovations. Our products and services are intended to enable people to experience new perspectives and lifestyles. We use our expertise in product design, as well as sensor, communications and voice recognition technologies, to make people’s lives easier and more fun. Our access to a global network of businesses, including suppliers, has been the key to success in our partnership projects.

(* In Yukai’s definition, the word, “robotics,” does not mean robots themselves; it means the components of a robot, such as sensors, motors, communication technology, software, apps, design and UX.

At CEATEC 2019, we will showcase our partnership projects, including the following:

Real Estate x Robotics (Partner: C’s Link)
Solutions for multifamily building management:


Retail x Robotics (Partner: S-cubisum Inc.)
Making shopping more convenient

Education x Robotics (Partner: NHK Enterprise)


Senior Living x Robotics
Improving the quality of life for seniors


Please visit the following webpages for more details about our partnership projects:
Product Development: https://www.ux-xu.com/prototype-en
Business Development: https://www.ux-xu.com/service-en