Space Bristlebots Now Has Remote Control App!!

2019/8/8 News

Space Bristlebots, one of Yukai’s popular products, now has an iOS mobile app!

Space Bristlebots is a spaceship-shaped robot that moves forward by using vibrating brushes as its wheels. The “Space Bristlebots Kit App” enables you to remotely control the robot via iPhone from anywhere! Because it’s an offline app, you do not need to be online to use it. In addition, you will never have to code any robot’s movements, and navigating the robot will be as easy as 1-2-3!

Space Bristlebots users were previously able to control the robot with their iPhones by using konashian.js, an iOS app for konashi, which is a physical computing toolkit for iPhone and iPad. This app required users to be online and code the robot’s movements. With the new app, on the other hand, all you have to do is to hit the user friendly buttons on the app to instruct the robot how to move!

This new app also solves the existing problem with access to the server that supported konashi.js. Some time ago, a third party that hosted the server halted its services, making it impossible for people to use the app. While this was out of our control, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

How to Use Space Bristlebots Kit App
konashi and konashian are the two types of physical computing toolkits that you can use to code commands for the robot. The Space Bristlebots Kit App has these toolkits built in and does the necessary coding out of your sight.

7 Command Modes
1. Space Bristlebots Slide Bar Control Mode
The robot has a motor on either side of it. This mode allows you to remotely adjust the motor power.
2. Space Bristlebots Arrow Control Mode
You can remotely adjust the robot’s direction by tapping the buttons with arrow marks on them, indicating “forward,” “right turn,” and “left turn.”
3. Space Bristlebots Tilt Control Mode
You can remotely make the robot tilt.
4. Space Bristlebots Shake Control Mode
Your robot speeds up or slows down, depending on how vigorously or delicately you shake your phone.
5. Space Bristlebots Tap Control Mode
Your robot also speeds up or slows down, depending on how fast you tap the buttons.
6. Space Bristlebots Random Drive Mode
You can randomize the robot’s moves.
7. Space Bristlebots Programming Mode
You can program commands and make the application learn how to get to the goal.

Download the app. (App Store)

Space Bristlebots is a fun way for children to learn about robots and programming, and it would make a great summer project for them! We hope this new app will make it even more enjoyable for them to learn programming!