Yukai Engineering and FueTrek, Voice Recognition Tech Developer, Team Up for Innovations, Aim to Carve Out New Market for Communication Robots

2019/7/29 News

TOKYO (July 29, 2019) — Yukai Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotic startup specializing in developing robots that add joy to life, and FueTrek Co. Ltd., a leading developer of voice recognition technology in Japan, have announced their agreement to collaborate on future innovations. The two companies hope to combine their expertise to develop communication robots and related systems and services that provide solutions to various societal problems, including aging populations and workforce shortages on the horizon, and carve out a market for them.

Their announcement comes amid the steady but slow growth in the adoption of consumer robots. Yukai and FueTrek aim to develop robots that have additional value to consumers, in comparison to the existing ones in the market, so more people will feel encouraged to adopt and live with robots.


Under the partnership, Yukai and FueTrek will strive for the following: 


About FueTrek:
FueTrek is an Osaka-based developer of voice recognition technology and various related systems and services, including consumer relationship management (CRM) systems. Following signing a capital and business alliance agreement with Glory Ltd. in September 2019, FueTrek has been also working on various voice authentication projects. For more information about FueTrek, please visit https://www.fuetrek.co.jp/