Qoobo ‘Noshigami’ Now Available 

2019/7/9 News

We now have “Qoobo’s Original Noshigami”!

“Noshigami” refers to a paper strip to place over a formal gift in Japan. In addition to gifts for weddings and life’s other major occasions, such as weddings, noshi paper is typically used in “ochugen” and “oseibo,” Japan’s two major seasonal gift-giving customs.

Noshigami comes with a picture of bow-tied strings printed on it. The printed bow on Qoobo’s Original Noshigami has many tiny pictures of Qoobos in it.

Qoobo’s Original Noshigami is available to those who make purchases on https://www.assiston.co.jp. When selecting from the available wrapping options on the site, shoppers may add a note indicating they wish to use Qoobo’s Original Noshi Paper for their gifts.


We hope Qoobo’s Original Noshi Paper will provide a sense of comfort to the recipient of your gift!

How to order: