Qoobo has surpassed 10,000 units sold

2019/4/25 News

Hello, Backers!

We are excited to tell you that Qoobo has surpassed 10,000 units sold!!
The number includes your Kickstarter rewards and the units presold in advance of the market release last November. It’s been only 6 months since Qoobo became widely available, and we cannot believe how quickly we reached this major milestone.
We couldn’t have such a big Qoobo community without your support, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

You might have heard this, but Qoobo is growing popular as a pet alternative not only for homes but also offices! We found out why when we recently conducted a psychological study on a group of people (21 females and 17 males, in their teens to 30s) to assess how Qoobo might affect their state of mind. The result showed that they felt less stressed and anxious when using Qoobo! Positive mood changes were particularly evident in the participants’ responses to the questions posed to measure their levels of “tension and anxiety,” “depressed feelings” and “tiredness/apathy.”

So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, you might consider Qoobo!

Thank you again!
We hope to be back with more exciting news next month!