TELLBO, Huis Family Communication Robot Developed by Yukai Engineering, to Hit Market in Late May

2019/4/16 News

TELLBO, Huis Family Communication Robot Developed by Yukai Engineering, to Hit Market in Late May


TOKYO (April 16, 2019) – YUKAI Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotics startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life, has announced that TELLBO, Huis Ten Bosch’s new family communication robot which Yukai helped develop, is scheduled for market release on May 31.

TELLBO, which resembles a stuffed Teddy bear doll, features the same technology featured in Yukai’s flagship communication robot, BOCCO.

As with BOCCO, TELLBO connects users to a mobile app, enabling them to exchange voice and text messages. TELLBO also connects to home sensors, sending alerts to the user’s mobile device. TELLBO can be used anywhere cell reception is available, communicating with the server via either SIM card or Wi-Fi.

TELLBO brings together Yukai’s robotics expertise and Huis Ten Bosch’s know-how in the operation of hotels, theme parks and restaurants, all of which feature services by robots. TELLBO was created out of Huis Ten Bosch’s desire to fulfill society’s needs for easy-to-use family communication robots.

“User friendliness, Safety and Cuddliness are the pillars of the concept behind TELLBO. We wanted to create a comforting robot that can help families keep a caring eye on their aging parents, especially those who live alone. Our plushy Teddy bear-like robot is designed for simple operation,” said Yukai Engineering CEO Shunsuke Aoki.


  1. Simple design for use anywhere

TELLBO connects to the internet via SIM card (nanoSIM) and Wi-Fi, making it easier to use the robot away from home.

  1. Message exchange with the touch of a (belly) button

Users can record their messages by pushing the button in the bear’s belly. Voice messages are shown on the mobile app as text messages, so the recipients can check messages anywhere. App users can send messages by either text or voice, which the robot delivers as voice messages. Multiple family members can use the app to view or hear group messages, as well.

  1. Door sensor connections

TELLBO comes with a door sensor, which sends an alert to the mobile app when detecting vibrations. Users may purchase additional sensors and connect up to eight of them to TELLBO.

  1. Customizable appearance

TELLBO has two different clothing options to choose from: the brown costume for Flouke, Huis Ten Bosch’s male character who attends the windmill; and the yellow costume for Karel, the twin sister of Karel.


  1. Daily schedule reminder

The TELLBO app enables the user to create daily schedules, including setting times to wake up, eat meals and take medication, when having TELLBO remind them about it.