Qoobo, a Tail-Wagging Robotic Pillow, Now Available in the U.S.

2018/12/13 News

Qoobo, a Tail-Wagging Robotic Pillow, Now Available in the U.S.

 YUKAI Engineering releases product to U.S. market

following delivery of 6K+ preorders


TOKYO (Dec. 12, 2018) – YUKAI Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotic startup, announced today that Qoobo, a robotic pillow with a lifelike wagging tail, will become available to U.S. consumers starting Dec. 13. The announcement comes exactly one year after the Kickstarter campaign for Qoobo raised 247 percent of the goal amount (approx. $110,000 USD). YUKAI, which is known for creating robots that bring joy to life, recently completed the shipment of the Kickstarter rewards as well as thousands of preordered units. Qoobo will be available for purchase on Amazon.com for $149 each.

Qoobo is an interactive pillow with a tail that makes realistic affectionate movements in response to the user’s stroking and touch. It is designed to provide a sense of comfort in the way animals do to those who cannot own pets, including allergy sufferers and apartment dwellers. Qoobo became one of the most talked-about gadgets on the internet after its unveiling at CEATEC Japan on Oct. 3, 2017, netting more than 10 million online video views.

Online Store for Qoobo:





Power: Rechargeable batteries
Battery Run Time: 8+ hours
Weight: 1,000 g
Dimension: W330 x H160 xD 540 mm

Origin of the Name

Qoobo combines “queue,” which means the tail in French, and the word, “robot.”

Story Behind Qoobo

The idea for Qoobo came from a YUKAI staff designer who wished to have something waiting for her to come home at the end of a long work day while living in a pet-free apartment. Drawing inspiration from an animal’s tail, YUKAI created a robot that can comfort humans in just the way cats and dogs would. The company’s engineers studied the animal tail and created a mechanism that closely mimics its movements. In the designing process, the team also paid extra attention to the robot’s weight, size and texture so it would feel just like petting an actual animal when you have it on your lap, stroking it.

Qoobo exhibit at CES 2019

YUKAI Engineering will demonstrate Qoobo at CES® 2019 from Jan. 8-11, along with the new-generation model of its communication robot, BOCCO.

Booth #64601, Design & Source Showcase, South Plaza, Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC)


YUKAI Engineering is a robotics startup that develops and sells products befitting its slogan: “Make the world a fun place to live in with robotics technology.” YUKAI’s award-winning products include Necomimi, a headband with fake cat ears that move in sync with the user’s brain waves (selected for the Time magazine’s “The World’s 50 Best Innovations 2011” list), and BOCCO, a communication robot that keeps family members in touch with each other.