The world’s first full open-air headphones.
Designed on the “SHARE THE AIR” concept, the product features the following characteristics:

The unique design of the ear parts provides you with:

  • The illusion of listening to music in the open air.
  • Comfortable, pressure-free frame with open cups that keep your ears from sweating.
  • Ability to hear your environment and make a conversation while still enjoying high-quality sound.

Our wireless format allows:

  • Sharing of music among all people wearing VIE SHAIR headphones within a 60-meter radius.
  • LED on all of the headphones sharing music to come on.
  • A silent disco/silent live experience, which can be easily achieved, thanks to the headphones’ ability to communicate with smart LED lights bulb HUE.

A disco experience is possible easily. Such as the silent disco silent live, is a new generation of headphones.
Yukai engineering was involved in the circuit design and manufacturing.