Imagine a whole new way to use your smartphone or tablet.

konashi is a physical computing toolkit for artists, designers and engineers.


  • Wireless I/O module corresponding to iPhone/iPod/iPad;
  • Development languages: Objective C, JavaScript;
  • konashi’s libraries are available for iPhone, web and other development environments;
  • Enrollment in the MFi Program is not required. konashi communicates with supported devices using Bluetooth® Low Energy.


Device Model OS Version
iPhone iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iOS 6
iPad iPad mini
iPad 4th generation (Nov 2012)
iPad 3rd generation (Mar 2012)
iOS 6
iPod touch iPod touch 5th generation
iPod touch 4th generation
iOS 6


Function Amount Details
Digital I/O 8 pins
Analog I/O 3 pins Reference voltage: 1.3V
UART communication terminal 1 port
I2C communication terminal 1 port Shared with digital I/O
PWM output 8 pins (max) Shared with digital I/O

Other details

Board dimensions 52.0mm × 33.0mm
Price ¥9,980 (tax included)
Release date Dec 2012