The family robot that brings your loved ones closer
Wherever in the world you are, BOCCO lets you talk to your family and care for them

Send a voice or text message using the BOCCO app on your smartphone, and the BOCCO robot at home will notify your family that it’s got a message. They can either play your voice message on the robot or let BOCCO read out your text message. They can also record a reply message with a press of a button, and you can either play the message or read it as a text message on your phone.

BOCCO keeps you aware of what’s happening at home by forwarding information from various sensors placed around your house.
Vibration Sensor – BOCCO sends you notification when Vibration Sensor detects vibrations on the door or anything to which the sensor is attached.
[New] Lock Sensor – You will never wonder if you’ve locked the door on your way out! Lock Sensor allows you to use the BOCCO app on your smartphone to find out if the door is locked. BOCCO also notifies you when the sensor detects locking and unlocking of the door.

Suggested Retail Price: $353.60 (USD)

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